Four years ago, three family members got together and performed at a family party. The exhaustive set consisted of four songs played to a backing track due to a lack of drummer and bass player. For fifteen minutes we were living a dream, we couldn't be heard and we played out of time but comments from family are always going to be good. Taking the positives on board we enlisted the services of a drummer, actually three drummers, before finding one who could drum and grow his own chilies! Then, just when we thought we were good, we recruited a new guitarist who we struggle to keep up with, learned thirty songs in two weeks and occasionally wear’s his slippers to rehearsal.

So four years on and we have a constantly expanding repertoire and a variety of sounds that allows us to capture the essence of your favorite songs and bring a fresh makeover to a few classics. We perform in lots of local venues and the diverse set-list is ideal for functions and parties where people of all ages can enjoy songs from six decades of great music. Please enjoy the media clips and contact us if you would like to discuss your live performance requirements.




Anthony Beeston - Guitar

Started playing at age 14, which would be impressive if he wasn't 15. Actually he is somewhere in his 20's, but is one of those plays as though he was born to a guitar. Ant came on board and showed us where we were going wrong in the songs. Of course, our reply was that we were "making the songs our own," but the truth is we were just playing them wrong. We are still trying to find something he can't play...




Adrian Wrench - Keyboard

Piano lessons from the age of 6, solo performances, orchestras, choirs, compositions, all contribute to this passionate player’ loss! Ade does backing vocals as well as keyboards, although sometimes it is one or the other because he struggles to do two things at once. Watch his hands for a few minutes though and you might wonder how many fingers he actually has.





Marcus Wrench - Bass

Grade 8 on flute and in theory of music (seriously.) The most musically qualified member of the band actually plays the bass guitar. His preferred model, the Fender Jazz, looks as impressive as it sounds which makes it slightly more forgiving when he gets rather animated and bashes the keyboard player over the head who usually sits in front of him.




Jim Stone - Vocals

Phone Jim's number now and there is a 99% chance he is in the bath singing to his iPod. He grew up in the same town and school as the members of 'The Jam' and in a parallel universe he sings with them and we are stuck with Paul Weller. The hand-written lyrics and reading glasses come out at rehearsal, but on gig night, charisma and vocal versatility are the order of the evening.





Keith Deakin - Drums

Arguably the most seasoned player in the band. Keith has probably played in every local venue and then some. If there is a space that will not accommodate the size of acoustic drums, we are yet to find it. A relentless player who gives it his all from start to finish. The old Duracell bunnies advert where he overtakes the others whilst bashing his drum... that was Keith in his pink rabbit suit.